Study English level A2

English level A2

English level A2 (Elementary) is the second CEFR English language level.

We provide the international CEFR description, followed by study targets and links to our free online English training.

At the end of English level A2, you can:

  • understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to common areas (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment).
  • communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information.
  • describe in simple terms aspects of your background and immediate matters.

(Adapted from the international CEFR framework. This is set out by the Council of Europe (2001) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching, assessment.)

Study targets for English level A2

Here are our study targets for the key components of English level A2.

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English communication (A2)

  • Describing habits and daily routines
  • Expressing ability and inability
  • Describing past experiences
  • Asking for and giving directions
  • Describing personality and feelings
  • Making comparisons
  • Describing jobs
  • Describing places
  • Making requests (e.g. at a restaurant)
  • Expressing future plans

English vocabulary (A2)

  • Personality and feelings
  • Food and drinks
  • Education
  • Jobs
  • Weather
  • Family and friends
  • Daily and free-time activities
  • Places in towns
  • Body and health
  • Transport and travel

English grammar (A2)

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