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3 study ideas to learn English

Posted on 09/08/2016

Category: Study ideas
Try out our study ideas to learn without studying too much! There are many advantages of using English language books and learning English online when you study English. We also understand that after a long day’s work or studying at university, you might want to relax! The good news is that
There are many different names and descriptions for English levels of proficiency. They have often been divided English level of ability into three classic levels, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, in other words a low, medium and high level of language proficiency. Nowadays, one of the most commonly used systems is

EnglishRadar goes live!

Posted on 25/07/2016

Category: General
Welcome to the launch of EnglishRadar Learning languages can be a lot of fun, and also requires a lot of time. This site was developed by language teaching specialists who have also been language students and experienced language learning. We want to make it easier to find and coordinate the