General English

General English

What is General English?

General English covers all of the key areas to help students learn English as a foreign language. The main aim is to develop all of the language skills so that students are better able to communicate in English.

Study programmes are divided into English levels (A1-C2). Each English level covers a wide range of topics and language points to improve continually improve and develop English language proficiency. You can also click on individual levels for a detailed breakdown of the key targets for each English level.

We offer General English courses with qualified teachers and have more information about English for Work (Business English) or English Examinations.

Advantages of studying General English

1. Develops all areas of English
A balanced study programme enables language learners to develop grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, and includes reading, listening, speaking and writing tasks. This provides the best opportunity for language students to develop all areas of English and to take their proficiency to the next level.

2. Great variety of topics
General English focuses on many different topics, including travel, leisure, education, work, health, technology and more. This develops understanding and vocabulary in a number of areas, and prepares language learners to confidently use English.

3. Improves communication skills
It also develops communication skills in several different scenarios. This includes the language required for going to restaurants, asking for directions, giving opinions, writing emails and many more situations.