Business English

English is the international language of communication among businesses worldwide. As businesses become more global, there is a growing need for staff with at least a professional working proficiency (CEFR English level B2) in more than one language. Many jobs now even require fluency in two languages or more.

What is business English?

[Last updated on 25/07/2018]

Business English includes all of the English communication skills required to operate in English at work. Naturally, many English grammar and vocabulary targets are similar to those targets in General English. Business English, however, is more specialised to cover topics and vocabulary for the workplace. This often includes typical English expressions and styles that are common for emails, phone calls, job interviews, meetings, presentations and more.

Business English introduces a greater focus on developing spoken and written skills for different work scenarios. It also looks at the requirements for formal, neutral or informal use of English. Clearly, companies want their staff to communicate professionally and accurately in English with clients, colleagues and other international offices. They also need to have the English skills to interact in other environments, such as the small talk required at conferences and business dinners – small talk can often be more challenging that phone calls and emails!

Business English - Work

Study advice to improve Business English

There is a wide variety of self-study materials that are great for developing your Business English grammar and vocabulary at home. We also recommend reading the news and business news in English. This is possible online and with news apps on your smartphone. This is an excellent way to read, listen and watch news broadcasts in English and increase your exposure to English. The advantages are that you may already know the story in your own language, which makes it easier to understand. Also, you can read one or two short news posts that interest you every day. This may be better for your daily schedule, or you may prefer this to reading a whole novel in English too!

Our professional English teachers can provide a learning programme that is specific to your needs, and enable you to learn faster than studying alone. Perhaps you need English for work, because you work in an international business. We can also design courses that are specialised for Legal English, Medical English, Financial English, Tourism English and Aviation English.

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