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Develop English vocabulary
Have you tried different ways to develop English vocabulary when you’re learning English? Naturally, it can be difficult to understand everything when you’re reading English texts or books, but there are useful strategies which can improve your English vocabulary and encourage you to become less dependent on translation. This can
English small talk
Do you go to business events and need to take part in English small talk conversations? Meeting new people or existing contacts outside of a meeting can be really interesting and enjoyable. Meeting and getting to know people at business events provides a great opportunity for networking and developing professional
English business idioms to improve speaking at work
Do you need to communicate in English at work? What do you think is the most difficult aspect of using English at work? Many English language learners feel that it is more difficult to have a conversation, especially with a native speaker. But why? Firstly, a lot of native English
learn English using newspapers
Do you keep up to date with the news? Do you prefer newspapers, television or radio news broadcasts, or do you have news apps on your phone? If you like to follow the latest news stories and current affairs, then you can also use it to improve your English skills.
business idioms to improve English speaking at work 3-1
Do you need English for work? Many companies around the world have international offices and clients, and so the main language of communication is English. Which type of communication is the most difficult? Many language learners feel that it is more difficult to speak on the phone in English than
learn English by listening to music
Previously, we looked at ways to develop your English skills while relaxing and watching the TV. Many also enjoy listening to music in their free time, and this week we’re giving ideas of how you can learn English by listening to music as well. I’m sure we all remember the
business idioms to improve English speaking at work 2-1
Do you work in an international environment? Do you need to speak or write emails in English with colleagues and clients? Last week, we looked at business idioms that are commonly used in the workplace. It is a great idea to develop business English vocabulary, because it helps you to
learn English by watching television
When you come home after a hard day’s work, do you really want to sit down and learn English? There is a good chance that you just want to relax. Maybe you like going to the gym, playing sport, meeting friends, or getting comfortable and watching television. Then, you remember
business idioms to improve English speaking at work 1-1
Here are some business idioms which you can use to improve English speaking at work. The problem with idioms is that you can’t always guess the meaning just by looking at the individual words. These are expressions which you need learn as one item, and we have five English idioms
Ways to improve your Business English communication skills
We all know that English is used in companies all over the world, and naturally, many business professionals require a good level of English to communicate at work. We also know that when you have a full-time job, maybe a family as well, you have to plan your free time