A Culinary Journey through English Food

Traditional British Cuisine from Afternoon Tea to Yorkshire Pudding

Endulge in traditional English Food

English food doesn’t always have the best reputation – which is completely unjustified in our expert opinion! England may be known for its impressive history, charming landscapes and royal traditions, but the country also has a rich culinary scene to offer.

From savoury pub dishes to sweet treats, there are plenty of British specialities to tantalise your taste buds. Let’s take a look at 15 English delicacies that you must try out on your next visit to the United Kingdom. 

English Food Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips (with a pint of Ale)

Let’s start with an absolute classic – fish and chips. Freshly fried, crispy fish fillet served with chips, creamy mushy peas and a pinch of salt and vinegar. This dish perfectly embodies the English fast-food charm. A freshly tapped, traditional ale is a welcome accompaniment.

English Food English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast with Tea

A hearty breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, sausages, white beans in tomato sauce, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, hash browns and toast. You can also try your hand at black pudding and round it off with a cup of strong black tea. Depending on the region, Brits drink it with lemon or a dash of milk.

English Food Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

A Sunday Roast is traditional English food typically served on Sundays at lunchtime. It is a roast meat dish, often beef, lamb or chicken, with a side dish of roast potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire pudding (a type of batter dish) and gravy.

English Food Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasty

A Cornish Pasty is a savoury pastry that originated in Cornwall, England. It consists of a crescent-shaped pasty that is traditionally filled with beef, potatoes, onions and vegetables. This English food is perfect as a hearty snack.

English Food Shepherds Pie

Shepherd's Pie

A shepherd’s pie is a British dish consisting of a layer of spiced minced lamb mixed with vegetables and herbs. On top of this is a layer of creamy mashed potato. Shepherd’s Pie bakes in the oven until the top is golden brown and crispy. There is also a cottage pie, which has beef instead of lamb.

English Food Steak and Ale Pie

Steak and Ale Pie

A steak and ale pie is a traditional English meal where tender beef is braised in a rich beer sauce and then baked in a pastry crust. This classic dish combines the flavours of succulent meat and aromatic beer in a delicious combination. Chips and vegetables go perfectly with this delicious dish. 

English Food Toad in a hole

Toad in the Hole

We are really not sure, where the name of this meal derives from. But this dish is hearty English food where sausages are embedded in a thick Yorkshire pudding batter. It is baked in the oven until the batter has risen and is golden brown and served with vegetables, gravy and mashed potatoes.

English Food Scotch Egg

Scotch Egg

This English dish is an absolute classic! The Scotch Egg is a hard-boiled egg wrapped in spicy sausage meat made from pork or wild boar, breaded and deep-fried or baked. It is a popular snack, appetiser or part of a picnic.

English Food Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash consists of spicy sausages laying on creamy mashed potato. Brits like to serve this popular English food dish with a special onion gravy to complement the taste.

English Food Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky toffee pudding is a delicious British dessert consisting of a moist cake, often served warm, drenched in a rich toffee sauce. It is a sweet and sticky treat and tastes delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream on top.

English Food Shortbread


The classic British pastry par excellence! Made from simple ingredients such as butter, sugar and flour, it is a favourite at English tea time. This delicious dish is characterised by its crumbly, buttery texture. It is often baked in rectangular or round shapes and sprinkled with a delicate pinch of sugar.

English Food Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble and Custard

Apple crumble and custard is a popular British dessert consisting of juicy apples covered with a crispy crumble layer of butter, flour and sugar. It tastes great with warm custard. The combination of the soft apples, the crispy crumble and the creamy custard makes for a delicious taste experience.

English Food Victoria Sponge Cake

Victoria Sponge Cake

This classic English delicacy is made from two layers of fluffy, lightly sweetened vanilla cake with strawberry jam and whipped cream in the middle. It is named after Queen Victoria and is characterised by its simple elegance and focus on high-quality ingredients.

English Food Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake is a delicious dessert in which a moist lemon cake is drizzled with a lemon sugar glaze after baking. This gives the cake a refreshing aroma and taste. It’s yummy treat that Brits enjoy at English tea time in the afternoons. 

English Food Scones


Scones are a delightful British pastry and traditionally accompany a nice variety of treats at afternoon tea time. These light, crumbly pastries resemble small cakes and are often enjoyed with clotted cream and red jam. Scones come in different flavours: the most common ones are with or without sultanas, as well as the savoury version topped with cheese.

Are you already convinced to try out English Food?

These are just a few of the many delicious British specialities to discover. Whether you are interested in savoury dishes or sweet temptations, English food has something to offer for everyone. On your next visit to England, be sure to take the opportunity to sample these delicious treats and enjoy the country’s culinary diversity. Embark on an delightful journey through the flavours of England and discover why these specialities have a firm place in British food culture.

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