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Which English course?

Our English course packages create a learning-by-doing experience which focuses on your own language goals. The training sessions take place online or in person with an English trainer who will provide you with valuable feedback to strengthen your language skills and confidence to communicate in real-life situations.

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The most popular language learning goal is to improve English fluency for speaking and to develop communication skills. This can include a wide range of General English topics, a specialised focus on Business English for the workplace, or Exam Preparation for official English proficiency exams.

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English course - General English
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General English course

General English is the best choice to improve English fluency for real-life situations, including travel, sport, work, leisure and more!

The key focus is on speaking practice and developing communication skills with an English language course that is designed for your individual needs.

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Business English course

Our Business English course improves your fluency and the confidence to communicate with international clients and colleagues.

We can focus on speaking and/or writing for formal and informal situations. This strategy enables you to ‘learn by doing’ and develop your English communication skills for the workplace.

English course - Business English
English course - Exam preparation
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English for exam preparation

Do you need to take an internationally-recognised English proficiency examination to study abroad, to apply for work visas or residence permits?

Our Exam preparation course has two targets: (1) to develop your English level of proficiency, and (2) to train you with exam strategies and give practice tests that help to achieve your goals on the day.

The most popular English language tests are IELTS, the Cambridge exams, and TOEFL.

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Online or Onsite training

Online training offers the greatest flexibility to learn English at home, at work or on the go. This type of teaching has experienced a particular boom in the recent past. Our English trainers use popular platforms such as MS Teams and Zoom and no additional software is required.

Onsite training is ideal if you prefer to meet face-to-face with your English trainer. This type of instruction is particularly popular for in-house training at companies, for one-to-one and mini-group English training.

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Bookings & Contact

Would you like to book an English language course or do you have any questions about our packages?

Please send us a request and we’re happy to email more information or schedule a callback if you would like to discuss the options with us.

You can also learn more about our English course packages and find answers in our frequently asked questions.

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Our clients

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Why learn English with EnglishRadar?

Qualified trainers

Experienced native-level English trainers with internationally-recognised qualifications.

Online training

Learn English online from any location with your own trainer and customised lessons.

Onsite training

Onsite English training at your location in Munich and the surrounding areas.

Personalised courses

Your English course is tailored to your individual learning requirements.

Flexible schedule

Our trainers are flexible and you can choose a schedule that suits your needs.

All language levels

Courses are designed for all CEFR levels from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Proficient).

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Free online English test

Our free online test assesses your English level of proficiency.

Take one of the most detailed free English tests online with instant results that match the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) which standardises assessment of languages.

You can order your English level of proficiency certificate after taking our free online English level test. The certificate gives a breakdown of your results and includes the CEFR descriptors for each English level.


Packages & prices

We offer flexible English course packages so that you can develop your fluency at your own pace.

You can book Basic, Standard and Intensive training programmes, and the larger the package, the lower the price per lesson. Save 20% with an Intensive English course.

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