Business English Course Online
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Boost your career and learn Business English online for free with Bildungsgutschein

Study a Business English Course Online with Bildungsgutschein (education voucher) and boost your international career opportunities in the labour market. This online course is designed for jobseekers and professionals who want to increase employment prospects by developing English communications skills for the workplace.

Participants progress quicker with full-time training and benefit from an immersion programme that is taught 100% in English. Lessons take place with an experienced trainer and you practise speaking English from the start.

Key advantages

Training packages

Choose from two options for this online training programme:

Business English Crash Course (6 weeks)

Business English Intensive Course (12 weeks)

We recommend packages based on the needs of participants and their current English level. 

Course objectives

The objectives of the Business English Course Online with Bildungsgutschein are to strengthen spoken and written communication skills. Business topics include meetings, presentations, telephone calls, negotiations, emails, job applications, interviews and more. During the course, our qualified business trainers maximise progress with:

Course facts

Here are the key facts about the Business English Course Online funded by a Bildungsgutschein.

You can also send us your details and ask any questions for a personalised offer to start Business English training online.


This Business English group course takes place online via MS Teams.

Benefit from small groups of 6-12 participants.

To ensure the best progress, groups are divided by CEFR English levels for:

A2/B1 (Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate)

B1/B2 (Intermediate/Upper Intermediate)

B2/C1 (Upper Intermediate/Advanced).

Before the course, participants take our free online English test and have a speaking test with a trainer to assess their English level of proficiency. Then we can determine the most suitable group for the learner. The Crash Course (6 weeks) is offered in all three levels from A2 to C1. The Intensive Course (12 weeks) is offered in the two levels A2 to B2.

Full-time: 40 lessons (30 hours) per week

Monday – Friday
08:30 – 15:30
6 hours per day (4 x 90 minutes)

The full-time course includes group lessons, guided self-study, and a private 30-minute workshop with the English trainer every week.

Business English Crash Course (6 weeks)

€ 1579.20

Business English Intensive Course (12 weeks)

€ 3158.40

Course fees can be covered by a Bildungsgutschein from your Arbeitsagentur or the Jobcenter. For more information on how to apply, please visit Bildungsgutschein Info & FAQs.

Participants can start every 3 weeks in 2024.

22 Jan / 12 Feb

04 Mar / 25 Mar / 15 Apr

06 May / 27 May / 17 Jun

08 Jul / 29 Jul / 19 Aug

09 Sep / 30 Sep / 21 Oct

11 Nov / 02 Dec

Participants can start a course in 2024 and complete in 2025.


On the following public holidays in 2024, the school will be closed and no lessons will take place: 29 Mar / 01 Apr / 01 May / 09 May / 20 May / 15 Aug / 03 Oct / 01 Nov

Courses do not take place from 23 Dec 2024 – 10 Jan 2025.

Learning materials are included in the English course package.

At the end of your English course, we award an EnglishRadar Certificate of Studies for your resume or employer.

Ready to get started?

Please send us your details and ask any questions for a personalised offer to start your Business English Course Online with Bildungsgutschein.

We also provide more information about the Bildungsgutschein with FAQs and tips for the application.

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EnglishRadar is certified by AZAV as an educational training provider. This certificate confims that, in accordance with §178 SGB III that:

  • the provider is able to support the vocational integration of participants into the labour market through its own efforts,
  • its management, teaching and specialist staff have the necessary qualifications and professional experience for a successful implementation of human resource development measures, and that,
  • the provider applies a quality assurance system.

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