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Check out these ideas to develop your English reading skills.

Ideas to develop English vocabulary without translation

Develop English vocabulary

Have you tried different ways to develop English vocabulary when you’re learning English? Naturally, it can be difficult to understand everything when you’re reading English texts or books, but there are useful strategies which can improve your English vocabulary and encourage you to become less dependent on translation. This can

6 ways to learn English using newspapers, broadcasts & apps

learn English using newspapers

Do you keep up to date with the news? Do you prefer newspapers, television or radio news broadcasts, or do you have news apps on your phone? If you like to follow the latest news stories and current affairs, then you can also use it to improve your English skills.

Reading tips for English proficiency exams

reading tips for English proficiency exams

Now it’s time for some reading tips for English proficiency exams! We gave speaking tips last week to help English learners who need to take an official English test. This week we are looking at the reading component of English exams. What do English reading tests include? English reading exams

What are the rules of English punctuation?

rules of English punctuation

The rules of English punctuation are important in written texts and involve the uses of different punctuation marks (or special symbols) to clarify meaning and separate phrases and sentences. Therefore, we need to understand punctuation to better understand English reading and to produce English writing.What are the rules of English