English courses

English courses

English courses with native speakers

We provide high-quality English courses to develop your English skills, whether face-to-face at your location Munich, Germany or online.

Advantages of our language courses

 Develop your English communication skills.
 Learn by doing with speaking and writing practice.
 Improve faster with our regular training sessions.
 Benefit from valuable feedback and error correction.
 Language courses provided by internationally-qualified English trainers.

Our English courses

Some of the most common reasons to take English courses include work and business, study, travel, leisure and free time activities. Our most popular language courses are General English, Business English (or English for Work) and Exam Preparation (e.g. IELTS, Cambridge exams).

General English courses

General English is the best choice to develop everyday English communication skills, and is great for travel, leisure, listening to music, meeting new people and more!

English for Work courses

This includes business language and communication skills, and English for work can focus on business English, legal English or medical English, etc.

English exam courses

Exam preparation courses are beneficial for English proficiency examinations, which you may need to study abroad, or to apply for working permits or residence abroad.

English course prices

We have English training packages to suit your needs. They are designed by British English language training experts who have experience in international English language schools that focus on group courses and private lessons. We can also recommend study materials to support English training programme.

Prices for single lessons

Class size Price per lesson*
1 student €50 per person
2 students €30 per person
3 students €20 per person
4-6 students €15 per person

Prices for packages (20% discount)

Class size Price per lesson*
1 student €50 €40 per person
2 students €30 €24 per person
3 students €20 €16 per person
4-6 students €15 €12 per person

Discount packages = 30 lessons or more.


How long & How often?
*1 lesson = 45 minutes, and we schedule two lessons per session (90 minutes).

You can book one or two sessions per week or request intensive 'crash' courses.

When & Where?
We are flexible and arrange face-to-face English courses in Munich at your company or another location and we also provide online courses.

Which English course?

Here are our top tips to help you decide the next steps.

Our study tips

 Take our online English test to check your level.

Think about how often you would like to study English.

Consider whether you want to study alone or in a private group of friends or colleagues.

✪ Save 20% with our discount English course packages.

 Contact us to book English courses or to ask for our professional advice.

We have face-to-face English courses in Munich or surrounding areas.

Contact us for more information

You can contact us by filling in the form below or send an email directly to study@englishradar.com.