Christmas adverts

Christmas adverts on television have become one of the annual English Christmas traditions. Companies are extremely competitive to design the most memorable advertisement of the year, and these advertising giants also want us to get into the Christmas spirit and spend more money at their store!

[Last updated on 25/07/2018]

Some of these adverts are so popular that they will be remembered for years to come. The most successful adverts generate feelings of warmth and happiness, sometimes humour and sadness. They may prompt us to remember family, to think about what is important in our lives and to care more about others.

Christmas is for sharing (2014)

Sainsbury's (UK)

Sainsbury's is one of the oldest and largest supermarket chains in the UK. In 2014, they produced one of the most memorable Christmas adverts ever entitled ‘Christmas is for sharing’. It recreates the Christmas Truce during World War I, between German and British soldiers. On Christmas Day 1914, fighting stopped for one day. Soldiers came out of the trenches, they gave each other gifts, shared food and even played football together. Definitely, one to be watched!


Buster the Boxer (2016)

John Lewis (UK)

John Lewis is an upmarket department store chain in the UK that is over 150 years’ old. They are part of the Christmas spirit in London and this year, the star of their advert is a dog, Buster the Boxer. There are gifts that everyone loves and it is not just the kids who want to play with them on Christmas day!

The Supporting Act 2017

BBC One (UK)

The most memorable Christmas adverts usually come from well-known stores. This one comes from the BBC, a television station in the UK and tells the story of a young girl who wants her father to watch her perform at a Christmas talent show. He is distracted but work, but eventually realises that it is more important to spend time together.


Heimkommen (Homecoming) (2015)

Edeka (Germany)

Edeka is the largest German supermarket corporation and its Christmas advert went viral in 2015. It tells the story of how a grandfather usually spends Christmas alone, while his successful children are distracted by other priorities around the world. This year he has an idea of how to reunite his whole family one more time for a joyful Christmas dinner.


Czego szukasz w Święta? | English for beginners (2016)

Allegro (Poland)

Allegro is a Polish auction website whose Christmas advert has a story about a grandfather who orders an English language set called 'English for beginners'. As the story unfolds, we see his English language journey. He learns English and practises every day at home and in public. At the end of the advert we discover the heart-warming reason about why he wanted to study English so much.

When you are learning languages, it can be difficult to remember new English vocabulary and grammar. You can study from books, but like these Christmas adverts there are other ways in which learning English can be more memorable. Try listening to English music, watch English news or television and check out some other Christmas adverts online. We also recommend taking English courses and practising with qualified English teachers.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and invite you to take our Christmas songs quiz too!