Free resources to learn English

free resources to learn english

Here is our list of free resources to learn English, which can help English students to learn English. We include resources that can be useful for English teachers as well, both for private lessons and at English language schools.

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Take a look at these free resources to learn English!

Below you can find our list of English language resources. The best part is that they are all free and cover a wide range of areas, including English levels, English grammar, English vocabulary and more. You can read the short descriptions and visit websites directly that can help with your English language learning.

Funky English

Funky English

Funky English provides English language learning materials, including idioms, phrases, slang and more to develop your English skills.

Purland Training

Are you looking for a free online English course for elementary students? Try We offer a free online course with topics like: Alphabet, Days, Months, and Seasons, Basic Words and Phrases, Numbers, Personal Details, Pronunciation, and much more! Our site also provides plenty of free material for teachers and students of ESL, EFL and ESOL, including: podcasts, video lessons, infographics, idiom of the day, games, and the chance to book English courses with a professional native speaker.

ESL Expat

ESL Expat

ESL Expat features resources for teaching English abroad, including jobs, classroom activities, blog stories and more.

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