Study English at home

study english at home

Ideas to study English at home

You can study English at home to develop your English skills.  Our ideas and advice will help you to set targets and learn English independently and in your own free time.

Study English at home tips

Take our online English test to check your English level.
 Get study targets from our English level descriptions (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).
 Take our free English lessons: Grammar, Vocabulary, Communication.
 Try the study ideas on our blog and get updates on Twitter and Facebook.
Learn by doing and practise using English.

Why do you want to learn English?

We always ask English language students this question, because it helps us to give better advice. We usually recommend General English if you have English level A1, English level A2 or English level B1, but you can also specialise in other areas.

General English is the best choice for everyday conversation skills, or maybe you want English for travel, meeting new people, listening to music and more!

Business English or English for work is ideal if you need English for a specific purpose, such as legal English, medical English, etc.

English proficiency examinations have preparation courses which are beneficial when you want to study abroad or apply for residence in native English speaking countries.

Advantages of studying English at home

Studying English in your own time has many benefits and here are some of the key advantages:

1. Flexibility of time

You can decide when and how often and you would like to study. We recommend that you set your own timetable as regular practice is more beneficial - just like learning to play a musical instrument!

2. Independence

Independent students can set their own targets, and you can decide what is important, e.g. to develop your English grammar or your listening skills.

3. Cost

Studying English in your own time can reduce the cost of learning a language. With good quality self-study resources there is a lot you can learn by yourself. This means that you don't need to purely rely on classroom learning.

4. Freedom to choose

Self-study gives you the freedom to choose study materials that will appeal to you, e.g. the visual layout, topics, audio resources. This can benefit your learning style and complement your English language learning.

How can you learn English faster?

You can always learn English at home, but the fastest ways to develop your English skills include: