Study English level C2

English level C2

Here are the study targets and our recommended materials for English level C2.

At the end of English level C2, you can:

  • understand virtually everything heard or read with ease.
  • summarise information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation.
  • express yourself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in more complex situations.

(Adapted from the international CEFR framework set out by the Council of Europe (2001) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching, assessment.)

Study targets for English level C2

The targets for English level C2 includes excellent control of the previous targets and can be summarised as follows.

English communication (C2)

 You can express yourself fluently and precisely in any topic.

This includes complex situations and the ability to communicate accurately in formal and informal settings.

English vocabulary (C2)

You have an excellent range of vocabulary, including idiomatic expressions and colloquial language.

You can use phrases and expressions accurately with natural and sophisticated control.

English grammar (C2)

You can use a full range of grammatical structures accurately and appropriately.

You can naturally use different linguistic forms to convey finer shades of meaning.

Study options for English level C2

English level C2 is the most proficient level of English language learning. As a proficient user, you have a comprehensive understanding and production of English. You are able to communicate in complex situations and maintain consistent accuracy. To develop your General English to the highest level of proficiency, we have provided some tips and recommended study materials below.

Tip 1: It is important to have a very broad range of vocabulary. This includes the ability to understand and use idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms. You can develop your English language skills by reading English novels, academic or business materials.

Tip 2: Practise with a local English teacher can challenge you to produce the complex language and accuracy required for proficiency. You can also focus on your ability to master the more subtle features of English pronunciation.  A teacher can give valuable feedback and develop your skills with speaking and writing targets.

Have you considered English for Work and English Exams?

Now that you have a strong level of ability, you could consider English for Work. (You can focus specifically on Business English, Legal English and more.) It may able benefit you to take one of the official English examinations. (Internationally-recognised English exams include IELTS and the Cambridge exams.)

Self-study English books (C2)

Here are our recommended self-study books for English level C2.

C2 English grammar-AGIU
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Advanced Grammar in Use

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Study English online (C2)

Here are this month's recommended websites to study English online for English level C2.

C2 English online-Duolingo
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Duolingo - Learn English online

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Other study ideas (C2)

Here are some other ideas that we recommend for English level C2.

C2 Other-BBC news
Reading business news can challenge and develop your English skills in complex topics.
You can read, listen to, or watch with your PC or via the mobile app.
BBC Business News

Practise with an English teacher
An English teacher can help you choose materials and then you can practise together regularly. This can be a great way to set regular targets and get excellent feedback to develop your English skills.
Find an English teacher

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