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What are the options for study materials?

There are so many study materials available for studying English in your own time. This includes self-study books, you can study English online and there are other choices too.

We look at the advantages of self-study materials and provide recommendations. You can decide what is best for you and start to develop your English language skills in your own. To improve quicker, you will also benefit from practising with an English teacher.

General English study materials

Click on your English level below for study targets and study materials to develop your general English language skills.

Study materials English level A1English level-A2English level-B1English level-B2English level-C1English level-C2

English Exams and English for Work study materials

Click here for information and study materials for English Examinations or here for English for Work (including Business English) options.

Advantages of English self-study materials

Studying languages in your own time comes with many benefits. We have listed some of the key advantages of English study materials. These apply to all types of self-study materials and you can look at our recommendations and choose which is best for you.

1. Flexibility of time
You can decide when and how often and you would like to study. You are not restricted by a school's timetable and you don't have to worry about missing classes. However, we recommend that you set your own timetable as regular practice is more beneficial - just like learning to play a musical instrument!

2. Independence
Independent students can set their own targets. You can decide what is important and consider your strengths and weaknesses. For example, you can develop your English grammar or your listening skills in your own time. This can of course be complemented with the help of a teacher.

3. Confidence
Taking the time to learn and understand language points increases your knowledge. This can strengthen your confidence to practise and use your newly-developed language skills with others.

4. Cost
Studying English in your own time can reduce the cost of learning a language. With good quality self-study resources there is a lot you can learn by yourself. This means that you don't need to purely rely on classroom learning.

5. Freedom to choose the study materials
All students have different learning styles and preferences. For example, you may prefer the visual layout of one book compared to another. Alternatively, you may prefer to learn with materials that have good audio resources which you can listen to in your own time. Self-study gives you the freedom to choose study materials that will appeal to you and complement your English language learning.

And remember!
Self-study has a lot of advantages for English language learners. but here are a couple of pieces of advice (from our experience learning languages) to help you get the best results.

• Don't get too many resources!
Choose your materials and study them in detail. Getting too many resources means you can spend more time choosing than studying!

• You still need to practise!
Your English skills should improve faster if you have additional practice and feedback from an English language teacher. For the advantages of combining self-study with teacher input, please visit our English teachers page.

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