EnglishRadar goes live!

Welcome to the launch of EnglishRadar

[Last updated on 26/10/2023]

Learning languages can be a lot of fun, and also requires a lot of time. EnglishRadar was developed by language teaching specialists who have also been language students and experienced language learning. We want to make it easier to find and coordinate the key elements of English language learning. Students can save time looking for resources, and spend more time developing their language skills.

What do all language students have in common?

You want to know your English level

We provide a free online English level test. This has been carefully designed by English teaching and course writing specialists. It is one of the most comprehensive free online tests and challenges all levels from A1-C2. Results are available immediately and provide a useful starting point for each individual’s language journey.

You need to spend time studying English

Students don’t need to spend all their time in a classroom and study languages independently. However, there are so many choices, and it can be difficult to decide which path to follow. EnglishRadar keeps up to date with a wide variety of resources, and provides a number of options for every language learner to study English. We have focussed on giving our suggestions and recommendations for (1) online English learning, (2) self-study English books, (3) we include other study ideas too.

You know that practice is the key to success

English language learning is like learning any other subject, sport or musical instrument – we need to study hard and practise. We also know that a lot of students have a busy lifestyle and cannot study full-time at a language school. That is why we have a database of flexible local English teachers who you can contact directly to arrange times and locations that meet your requirements.

We wish you a successful journey in language learning.

Are you ready to get started and take the test?

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