nationalities English quiz

Nationalities English quiz

Test your English vocabulary for different nationalities in Europe with this English quiz.

English quiz targets

  • General English
  • English level: A1 (CEFR)
  • English vocabulary: Nationalities
  • Topic: Personal information

Read the question and choose the correct answer. There are only ten questions - can you get all of them right?

You can take the quiz now and then read our English vocabulary review for nationalities, which gives the countries and nationalities in Europe and ideas for how to remember them in the future. Good luck!

1. I’m from the United Kingdom. I’m ______.

Choose one correct answer.

2. She's from France. She's ______.

Choose one correct answer.

3. He's from Germany. He's ______.

Choose one correct answer.

4. They're from Spain. They're ______.

Choose one correct answer.

5. She's from Italy. She's ______.

Choose one correct answer.

6. We're from Switzerland. We're ______.

Choose one correct answer.

7. They're from Malta. They're ______.

Choose one correct answer.

8. He's from Poland. He's ______.

Choose one correct answer.

9. She's from Portugal. She's ______.

Choose one correct answer.

10. They're from Greece. They're ______.

Choose one correct answer.

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English vocabulary review

Nationalities in Europe

You need to learn the names of countries in English, and there is also an adjective that is used to describe people, nationality and language. Many nationalities end in -an, -ish, -ese, but some are irregular.

Tip 1: Learn countries and nationalities together, especially for general introductions and giving personal information.

Tip 2: Look for patterns, and use colours or images with flags to group similar items together.


Country Adjective (Nationality)
Albania Albanian
Austria Austrian
Belarus Belarusian
Belgium Belgian
Bulgaria Bulgarian
Croatia Croatian
Cyprus Cypriot
Czech Republic Czech
Denmark Danish
England English (and British)
Estonia Estonian
Finland Finnish
France French
Germany German
Greece Greek
Hungary Hungarian
Iceland Icelandic
Ireland Irish
Italy Italian
Latvia Latvian
Lithuania Lithuanian
Malta Maltese
Netherlands Dutch
Northern Ireland Northern Irish (and British)
Norway Norwegian
Poland Polish
Portugal Portuguese
Romania Romanian
Russia Russian
Scotland Scottish (and British)
Serbia Serbian
Slovakia Slovakian
Slovenia Slovenian
Spain Spanish
Sweden Swedish
Switzerland Swiss
Ukraine Ukrainian
United Kingdom British
Wales Welsh (and British)

Example conversation

English teacher:
Hello. What's your name and where are you from?

My name's Joseph and I'm Dutch.

English teacher:
Where do you work?

I work in an international company in London, and we have a lot of French and Italian clients.

English teacher:
Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have one brother. He lives in Switzerland, and has a Swiss girlfriend.

Take the test!

Now you can try our nationalities quiz! This nationalities English quiz has 10 questions which give a country name, and you need to choose the correct spelling for the nationality.