study ideas to learn English

Try out our study ideas to learn without studying too much! There are many advantages of using English language books and learning English online when you study English. We also understand that after a long day’s work or studying at university, you might want to relax!

[Last updated on 25/07/2018]

The good news is that it is possible to still improve your English language skills in your free time. You don’t always need to sit quietly in another room and get out your English textbooks and English dictionary!

Study ideas: What do you like doing?

Take some time to think about what really interests you. What motivates you at work or at home? Combining English language learning with areas of interest can be more successful and increase motivation. Here are some study ideas to hopefully make learning English a little easier, more interesting and more relaxing:

1. Do you read novels?

If you like to read novels in your free time, you should try reading in English. English reading is a great way to develop your understanding, and gives excellent examples of English vocabulary and grammar. If you feel that some books might be too long or too difficult, we recommend trying English short stories or reading a book in English that you have already read in your language.

2. Do you like music?

Most people know some English songs (or American!). Listening to music in English can be a great way to develop your English listening skills. If you don’t know or can’t understand all the words, you can often find the lyrics online. This helps to develop your English vocabulary and you can also try singing along. This can improve your pronunciation as well, but not necessarily your singing skills!

3. Are you interested in the news or sport?

Some people are not interested in reading novels, but like reading the news every day for current affairs, sport, and other topics. For example, you can install a news app for your mobile phone. Then you can read short news articles in English online and while you are travelling. You may already know the story after reading in your own language. This can help you to understand the English news article and guess the meaning of new vocabulary.